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Immune Health Program - 4 Module Course


Don't chew your worries, your fear, or y

Mindul Eating - A 6 Week Course


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Right now, your immune system is defending you against infections, helping wounds heal, and is even preventing cancer growth from occurring! Your immune system works tirelessly to protect you. However, it does need support and care. Nutrition, supplements, sleep, and stress management are powerful factors that support immune health. In this program, you will unlock the hidden potential of your immune system with these factors! 

Each module of the Immune Health Program includes information related to 4 immune health topics: nutrition, supplements, sleep, and breathwork techniques. You will receive evidence-based education on each topic and some tasks to complete so that you may invite your learning out into your lifestyle.

Join us for a deep dive into foods, supplements, and breathwork practices that unlock the true power of our immune system!

During this program you will learn:
- what foods and ways of eating are beneficial for immune function
- how supplements can reduce inflammation and bolster immune function
- the incredible immune power of sleep and ways to get a full night's rest
- how stress reduction techniques such as breathwork and mindfulness can help immune function
- how to practice breathwork and mindfulness with video instruction led by your practitioner Keegan Abernathy MS, CNS, LDN

With the practice of mindful eating, we are inviting ourselves to enjoy the flavor, pleasure, and deep satisfaction available in every morsel of food. There is an inner wisdom within us that senses what foods our bodies need. The embodied practice of mindful eating allows us to access such insight with understanding and compassion for ourselves. With the presence of mindfulness, we are able to pause and make food choices that support a lifestyle of healthy choices. It is easy to judge ourselves harshly when we overeat. Mindful eating helps us release shame and guilt sometimes experienced with food challenges. Instead of chasing the flavor of food, you will learn how to experience the pleasure, joy, energy, and deep nourishment within each bite of food.

In each live session of this 6-week course, you will practice guided mindfulness meditations, participate in mindful eating exercises, engage in discussions about food-related behavior, and receive evidence-based education on the topic of mindful eating. Each week will assign home practices to try so that you may integrate mindful eating into your lifestyle. 

The program is led by nutritionist Keegan Abernathy MS, CNS, LDN who completed the evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) and was trained in this model by Andrea Lieberstein.

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