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  • Keegan Abernathy MS, LDN

The Nourishing Peace Within Ourselves

During these times of societal transformation, nourishment, recovery, and space for self-replenishment are important offerings to give ourselves and each other. A sense of harmony in our lives and in our world is crucial for the healing journey we are all walking together. Eating in such a way that inspires peace within ourselves is possible at this time. Our meals can be a way to return to ourselves. We can stop to feel the support of the natural world. We can see our connection with one another when we eat mindfully.

An apple is made up of countless non-apple elements. The sun, the soil, the rain, the hands of the farmer, the produce person at the grocery store, and all other elements are right there. You may even find your own consciousness, smiling back at you in the apple. You can see it all there if you slow down before taking your first bite. All the elements of the universe come together to support you with each morsel of food.


I am completely dependent upon all these elements for my existence, physically and consciously. I am here on this earth because of your arrival. My thanks to you is long overdue. Thank you.

Just as with eating, when I breathe in and out, I am reminded of my connection to all things - the trees, the water, your breath, and the breath of George Floyd. A breath is precious. The space to breathe is precious. No other being has the right to deny this from any other. To oppress another is to forget the life-giving connection we share with all others.

We are seeing the intimacy of our connection play out in the world around us. May we honor the peace sovereign within all beings. May we recognize the interconnectedness of our lives. May we take care of the war within ourselves. May we utilize compassion for the action needed to heal the war we have waged between each other due to a misperceived sense of self.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Keegan Abernathy MS, CNS, LDN

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