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Real Foods. Full Presence. True Nourishment.

Within my practice, I apply evidenced-based research with my clinical experience to provide you an individualized nutrition experience. The foundation of my practice is rooted in the healing power of a whole foods-based way of eating. Starting with eating real, unprocessed foods is the first step to any healing journey with nutrition. 


With this foundation, we will build into protocols, interventions, and lifestyle habits that align with your specific needs and biological individuality. My mission is to uncover the underlying nutrition problem you are experiencing. We treat this nutritional problem as the root cause of symptoms and conditions you may be experiencing. 

Our relationship to food is not separate from the physical transformation nutrition can inspire. I am here to guide my clients towards a positive relationship with food, one of safety, nourishment, and joy through the power of mindful eating practices. 


Nutrition is less of a treatment and is more of a practice. It takes behavior change, learning, and new habits to achieve your goals of health and wellbeing. However, it is often the case that the simplest of first steps can result in big improvements. This felt improvement of wellbeing and health is the first step in healing. It opens up the door to new ways of eating that nourish on a deeper level than previously experienced.

My Approach

Use your CareFirst Insurance for Consultations

Get the nutrition care you need with the help of your CareFirst insurance. As a Carefirst provider, we are now able to check your benefits to see if nutrition consultations are a part of your insurance plan. If you are interested in checking your coverage, please email me at

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Initial Virtual Nutrition Consultation 

This consult is for clients coming in for the first time. We will:
-- establish clear goals and health concerns

-- gain insight into your nutritional story

-- review your dietary/health history
-- discover your underlying nutrition problem 

-- explore relevant nutritional education related to your individual nutritional needs
-- craft recommendations that will serve as optimal nutritional interventions

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Follow-Up Virtual Nutrition Consultation

This booking is for all consults after your initial. We will:

-- review your experience integrating previous recommendations into your eating habits
-- evaluate your goal progression to optimize further interventions

-- develop solutions for difficulties limiting progress

-- provide guidance and support for dietary and lifestyle changes

-- practice mindful eating exercises

-- explore relevant nutritional education related to your individual nutritional needs
-- craft recommendations together that will serve as optimal nutritional interventions

Nutrition Consutations - Booking

* Nutrition licensure requirements vary depending on state-mandated regulation. Most services are for Maryland residents only.

Select the "Contact" tab if you have any questions.

Specializations Include:

  • Mindful Eating

  • GI Conditions (IBS/IBD, GERD, SIBO, etc.)

  • Weight Loss

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Diabetes Management

  • Autoimmune/Inflammation

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